Crystal On The Issues

Crystal has spent her entire life fighting for the health, safety and prosperity of children and their families.  The politicians in Washington have lost sight of their purpose: to serve the people of this nation.  As your Representative, Crystal will stand up for middle class families, work across the aisle to improve and expand healthcare and invest in economic opportunity. #LettsGoOhio


Children's Health Insurance

Crystal's son Noble received the vital care her son needed to survive his rare genetic disorder because of the Children's Health Insurance Program.  Now, Republicans are holding funding hostage and refusing to help innocent children and families in crisis.  When a child needs medical care, the cost of treatment should never stand in the way. #LettsSaveCHIP


Clean Energy jobs

By investing in the production and innovation of clean energy technology, we can combat climate change while expanding our economy, creating good-paying jobs and becoming energy independent. #LettsCreateJobs #LettsSaveTheEarth


protecting the Middle class

As your Representative I will fight to cut taxes for middle class families - not the richest 1%.  I will vote to cut taxes for small businesses - not multinational corporations that ship jobs overseas.  It's time to stand up for the American middle class.  #LettsCutMiddleClassTaxes #LettsSupportFamilies